Black Rhino Financial Group (BRFG) is a minority owned, boutique financial services firm. We have served for 19 years and pride ourselves on working with our clients in a family atmosphere with moral integrity, exceptional follow through and financial acumen.

BRFG has six employees with over 170 years of experience in the financial arena. Our degrees cover CPA’s, MBA’s, tax, business management and other educational achievements. Our areas of focus include accounting, taxation, finance, and financial operations. We have serviced over 2,000 clients worldwide and have experience in 41 different industries.

Due to COVID-19 and a very serious life-threatening disease of the majority owner, BRFG has undergone some very deep realigning protocols. These have included –

• Reducing our staff to a very lean and efficient force
• Ridding ourselves of non-essential expenses that are no longer congruent and helpful to our cause, recognizing the “New Normal” (walking away from our 3,500 square foot office i.e.)
• Realigning our service offerings to better meet the needs of a changing client base.
• Greatly reducing our fees and offering incubator programs for our pre-revenue and early-stage clients

Over the past 19 years, we have had so much to be thankful for as an organization. Certain blessings and achievements have come our way. In our service to our clients, we have helped them raise over $600M in debt, equity, and grants. Our clients that lost their way with the IRS, BRFG has greatly assisted them with loan forgiveness, payment plans and offer & compromises. We have also been extremely instrumental with the businesses we work within the area of mergers and acquisitions by helping them to restructure their assets in a sale and lower their basis for capital gains and alternatively facilitate strong due diligence in purchase to validate business valuations. During COVID-19 days, we worked with our businesses to help them restructure themselves while additionally helping them with such vehicles as the PPP process.

Not your typical financial firm.

Our mission is to provide professional excellence in executive, financial and operational support for all of our clients. We achieve this through our holistic approach, experienced team and dedication to providing you with a customized plan. We offer a wide array of services for individuals who need assistance with their personal financial planning, entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their business and nonprofit organizations looking for support.

While our team is highly experienced in the areas of finance, accounting, taxation, operations and sales and marketing, we are not your typical financial firm. Black Rhino prides itself on our ability to understand the unique needs of our clients and provide each with an individual plan. We relate to each other and to you like family, and never reduce your needs to boiler-plate solutions. We are here to listen, to learn and to give you exactly what you need to succeed.

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Our core team is made up of experienced individuals with a focus on Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Risk Management, and Financial Strategies.