Not your typical financial firm.

Our mission is to provide professional excellence in executive, financial and operational support for all of our clients. We achieve this through our holistic approach, experienced team and dedication to providing you with a customized plan. We offer a wide array of services for individuals who need assistance with their personal financial planning, entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their business and nonprofit organizations looking for support.

While our team is highly experienced in the areas of finance, accounting, taxation, operations and sales and marketing, we are not your typical financial firm. Black Rhino prides itself on our ability to understand the unique needs of our clients and provide each with an individual plan. We relate to each other and to you as family, and never reduce your needs to boiler-plate solutions. We are here to listen, to learn and to give you exactly what you need to succeed.

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Risk Management

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Corporate Governance

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Team Members

Our core team is made up of experienced individuals with a focus on Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Risk Management, and Financial Strategies.